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Short Cutz #6 CD [2CD]
Make your own Megamix with SHORT-CUTZ!! Twenty Eight of the hottest Hip Hop & R&B tracks. Each one seperately remixed. Each one with a clean 32 beat intro. And each one edited down to just about two minutes. With brief, easy to mix versions of the best club jams, you'll be able to make your own Megamix. And best of all... you can mix it up differently every single time you play.

Track Artist Title BPM
01 Notorious B.I.G. 1:55 I Like Remix
02 X-ecutioners 2:05 Live from the PJs
03 Grand Master Flash 1:55 The Message
04 Fatman Scoop 2:09 Get Crunk Shorty
05 Mase & P. Diddy 1:54 Breathe, Stretch, Shake
06 Dj Sribbles & Fatman Scoop 1:49 All Night Long
07 Rupee 1:49 Tempted to Touch
08 Sugar Hill gang 2:01 Rappers Delight
09 Newcleus 1:56 Jam On it
10 Beastie Boys 1:56 Brass Monkey
11 Timbaland & Fat Man Scoop 2:04 Drop
12 Destiny's Child 2:10 Lose My Breath
13 Cheri Dennis 2:08 Freak
14 Pitbull 1:52 Culo
15 Eminem 1:51 Just Lose It
16 Boogie Down Productions 1:48 The Bridge is Over
17 Capleton & Method Man 2:05 Wings Of The Morning
18 El General 1:46 Pu Tun Tun
19 J-Kwon 1:43 Still Tipsy
20 Brooklyn Mix 1:52 Lean Back
21 Notorious B.I.G. 2:57 Lean Back
22 V Smoove & Serg Sniper 2:06 Roc-A-Way
23 Tego 1:49 Lean Back
24 Eminem 2:01 Lean Back (Remix)
25 Boriqua Breaks 1:41 Oye Mi Canto
26 General Degree 1:49 When I hold you tonight
27 Sean Paul & Fatman Scoop 2:02 Get Busy
28 LL Cool J 2:04 Headsprung

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